The Connection of our Past

By Brandon, Sydney and Caeden

1850 - 1890

The story read during this time period is "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." The story captures the horrors of what happens in the thoughts of a slave owner during the civil war, Peyton Farquhar, in the final moments before his execution by hanging at a bridge.

For what was happening during this time, it really just related to events during the civil war. Sometimes, brutal slave owners were in fact executed by hanging if caught by union troops.

The civil war was a very big part and influence of many writers during this time. The nation was in a very dark time. However expansion to the west was a major factor during this time, and The Republican Party was created in politics.

1890 - 1910

The story read during this time period is “The Open Boat”. The story is about 4 men who are stuck on a small boat stranded in the middle of the ocean after their boat had sunk over night.

Immigration at this time was a very high factor in the US and was the root of this story.

Imperialism was also going on during this exact time period. Many innovations that are still booming today were developed during this time including the air plane and the Ferris wheel.

1910 - 1930

The story read during this time period is "Triumph of the Egg”. Tells the story of a childhood memory that has in a profound way shaped its narrator’s moral outlook.

After the slight uplift that came with late 19th century into the early 20th century, it immediately came right back down during the 1920s and 1930s. Unemployment doubled during this time due to the stock market crash.


Each of the stories have their own forms of death and overall sadness. They all depict something very bad happening in the character’s lives.

Any major events that took place during these time periods were all depressing, which reflects what’s going on in each of the stories.

The attitude of the nation was very dark in these times. After the civil war, the country had an era of sadness all the way through the 1930s. However, much expansion and the creation of important objects such as the air plane, took off and with innovations and creations happening all throughout these time periods, social life was still very poor and corrupt after the civil war which very easily influenced writers across the country.