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Tim Berners-Lee and Alan Turing

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Burners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and he could have made millions of pounds out of this amazing invention but he gave it to everyone for free! How many people do you know today that would have given something as amazing as this away for free? Tim Berners-Lee has is now recognised as a knight as he is now Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee!

The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Did you see the Olympic opening ceremony? then you might have seen Tim burners-Lee sitting at a computer when the house was lifted up! did you know that he was actualy sending Tweets when he was there?

Alan Turing

If Alan Turing hadnt lived then we wouldnt have had code cracking machiens and we wouldnt have computers today! Alan Turing helped us win the war as he made machienes that cracked the german codes that were being sent. He also helped to make the first computers! Sadly he died before he could see what impact his computers made on the modern world.