Come Visit Ecuador

By: Anna and Arathy


Quito is Ecuador's capital but it is also one of the many places to visit here. It is at an elevation of 9,350 feet above sea level. Here you can see the Andes Mountains in almost every direction you look.

Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay is a great place to go in Ecuador. There is a walking path that is 1.55 miles long. Along this path you can stop and swim in the beautiful clear waters, but don't be scared if you see reef sharks. They are very common, but won't hurt you.



  • Ecuador has a representative democracy, and there government is divided into 3 branches.
  • These branches are the executive, legislative, and judicial.


  • in 1819 joined Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama to make greater Colombia
  • won independence in 1830 from the Spanish
  • Peru invaded Ecuador and seized a large part of their territory
  • war broke out in 1981
  • in 1999 Ecuador and Peru signed a treaty to stop the 60 year border dispute


  • 90% of Ecuadorians today are mestizos and the other 10% have European descents.
  • Almost all of the people who live in Ecuador are Roman Catholic.

Fun Facts

  • national symbol is the Andean Condor
  • national colors- yellow, blue, red
  • there president is Rafael Correa
  • the coastline is 2,237 km long
Ecuadorian National Anthem - "Salve, Oh Patria" (ES/EN)