Friday's Rewind

A look back, some time to reflect, and a look ahead...

TIES Exceptional Teacher Award

Each year BHM Schools recognizes two exceptional teachers who have positively transformed learning in their classroom through effective technology integration. Montrose Elementary had MANY candidates eligible to earn this distinction. I am so thankful to work alongside such a forward thinking staff who are interested in transforming traditional educational experiences for our students. I believe that it is important to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our staff, and never want these recognitions to take away from the work that the rest of you are doing. As mentioned earlier, MANY of you are deserving of this award. With that said, Cassie Knutson and Chad Anderson (former MES teacher), were selected as BHM's TIES Exceptional Teachers of the Year. Congratulations Cassie! I also want to recognize Jen Olson, who worked alongside Cassie in the planning and implementation of the SeeSaw app into the daily workings of their first grade classrooms. In all honesty, they were equally deserving, and both nominated for this award. While Cassie will be in attendance for this award at TIES next week, I believe that she is accepting this award for both of them. So congratulation to you as well Jen! If you haven't had the chance to see how they are using SeeSaw to enhance learning, give feedback, assess progress, and communicate with parents, you are missing out!

Winter Testing and Other BLT Topics

Grade 2-5 Teaching Staff:

Please communicate with your teams about your winter assessment needs. Winter Performance Series and OLPA testing is optional. With that said, many of our 3-5 teachers value giving students testing experiences similar to what the MCA's will be in the spring. Please let me know your testing needs/preferences by the end of next week so I can begin to prepare a schedule.

We also discussed lunch/recess schedules, grade level days, alternative schedules for assembly days and more. Check out our One-Stop Shop page to see the detailed minutes under our BLT tab.

PPD Observation Schedule For Year 1, Year 2, and Metor/Mentees

I recently shared a schedule with all Year 1, Year 2, and Mentor/Mentees who had not yet completed their observations required by our PPD plan and mentorship program. Those who are scheduled have been given access to the document below. If you cannot access, I either messed up, or you aren't scheduled to complete these observations this year. Please let me know if you have any questions.

TIES Technology Conference Next Week

I will be attending the TIE Technology Conference next week and feel very fortunate to have so many other MES staff joining me. Jen Colgan, Angie Kath, Cassie Knutson, Lynne Tolkinen, Margie Wandersee, Lisa Kunde, and Kate Volk will all be in attendance for 1-2 days. While the rest of you may not be attending, I encourage you to check out the schedule (linked below) and let us know if there are any sessions that you would like for us to attend so that we can bring back information to share with you. I am very excited about all the new ideas that we will be able to gather as we continue on our path to become a "School of Innovation".

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