Apple Inc.

Ryan Duong


Who: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

What: Created the first Macintosh computer

Where: Cupertino, California

When: 1977

Why: Innovation and the will to beat the big companies

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Political Impact

Apple products are used internationally. Around the 2010s, the technological boom of the 21st century revolved around simplicity and practicality. Apple, along with Google, Amazon, and Netflix were growing faster than ever before. A few years later, these companies became recognized globally for their products and connected the world.

Social Impact

The internet allowed for smartphones, laptops, and tablets to connect the world in a way where everyone can access information at the press of a button. Information on how to do anything or make anything was made possible by the innovation of the internet. The iPhone and other Apple products made it easier for the every day man to access the internet and all it has to offer.
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Economic Impact

20% of Americans own iPhones. This takes into account the homeless and the disabled. This is only in the U.S. 1/7 people in the entire world own an iPhone. Every 3 years, Apple can buy out a Yahoo company. This company started from the ground up, and has reached hundreds of millions of people in the world. Apple made a revenue of $46.3 in 2014.