What is inside a PC?

The main components of a components?

Mother Board

A mother board is the key part of the process of making an electronic and is in all electronics such as phone, tablets and computers. it looks like a mini village with big buildings and small path ways. A mother board is made up of a circuit board, which everything else in the device plugs into.


RAM stands for random access memory, It is the brain of the computer


ROM stands for Read only memory, it is used in all devices and is a type of red only memory.

Some of the top brands

Hard drive

The hard drive is the memory of the the computer, it is used for saving all the data for the computer including files, photos and documents. it is a silvery disk that looks slightly like a big old fashioned record!


Stands for central processing unit, Sometimes referred to simply as the central processor, but more commonly called processor, is a very important part of the computer because it acts as a brain for the computer, or a nucleus of a cell. It creates a set of instructions that the other parts of the computer follow in order to complete a job.

CD drive

A CD drive id short for computer disk, it can create CD-RAMS and audio CD'S.