The Daly News

Week of September 3, 2018

Important Notes

  • Please be kind to others and plan your copying accordingly. I noticed that a few parents were making massive amounts of copies this week for single teachers. (Not 1 Mom copying for many teachers) I hate to see a teacher have a look of distress when they pop in for 1 copy during their lunch and the copiers immediately run out of paper, knowing that only moments before a parent was running reams of copies for a teacher.
  • Mrs. Tomchuk will be coming around to classrooms to talk to the kids about being “Smart from the Start.” She will spend about 5-10 minutes going over the poster she has created about things being recycled. Her plan is to begin with K-2 on Tuesday and Wednesday and then finish up with grades 3-6 on Thursday and Friday. Just be prepared to welcome her to the classroom at some point.

Free CPR Class Offered at Manatee for Teachers

Rachel Winsten will be hosting a CPR certification class on September 14, 2018. It will be held in our Media Center from 2:00-3:30 pm. The certification will be paid by the district and I have secured at least 5 spots. Email Shannon if you are interested.

Please include in your next communication with your parents.

(not an immediate email, just your next newsletter)

Brevard Public Schools volunteering status has changed.

  • There are no more A or A+ levels, the title is now a registered volunteer.
  • The initial fee is $35 for fingerprinting and processing. Each year after that the cost will be $8.
  • All volunteers in our school need to be registered (to work in classrooms, volunteer for class events/parties or go on field trips).
  • See Susan Owens in the front office with questions.



  • Holiday for All
  • PTO Fall Fundraiser all week



  • Boy Scouts Visit Classrooms
  • Fourth grade parent night 5:30 pm, Daly on duty
  • Fifth grade camp parent meeting 5:30 pm in Media Center
  • Kestner out all day


  • Kindergarten Parent Night at 5:30 pm, Kestner on duty
  • Boy Scouts Night 6:00 – 7:00 pm in Media Center


  • Early Release
  • WWOF