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By: Josh and Jayden

Revolutionary war event: stamp act

The stamp act is a new disagreement in the colonies. It commands that the colonies pay taxes to the British whenever they use paper. The stamp act was made to try and pay off war debt the Colonist owed Britian. The stamp act was passed in March, 1765 and ended in March, 1766. It took place in the 13 colonies, but was being commanded from Britian. The stamp act was involved with the British parliment, American colonists, John Cotton who was the congress secretary, and George Greenville who was the British prime minister. The stamp act had a meaningful impact on Georgia becuase it showed who was loyal to Britian and who was a patiriot to America. Georgia also contained the meeting place for the Liberty Boys [a group boycotting against stamp act]. The act only lasted a year, but it was a leading cause to The Revolutionary War. It caused huge riots and boycotts that influenced everyone around them. The stamp act was very important to the war and the motivation leading up to it.

Article two: George Washington

George Washington.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, but how did he get there? As a well respected leader of the patriot army Washington won many significant battles for the Americans. These battles such as The Battle of Brandywine and the battle of Trenton proved crucial to the success of the Americans in the war. Washington is also famously remembered for his crossing of the Delaware river in 1776 (shown below). Washington as one of our founding fathers greatly impacted the growth and development of the America we know today
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Ten need to know facts about the Revolutionary War

1. The Boston Tea Party was an immediate act to the causes of the Revolutionary War.
The Boston Tea Party was a act that displayed the liberty boys and Samuel Adams throwing 342 chest of tea over board.
2. The Revolutionary War was fought by the mother country ,Britain, and the colonists trying to form an independent country.
3. Nancy heart was a Revolutionary War heroine because she stopped Tories from invading her home.
4. The Battle of Kettle Creek was a battle fought in Georgia that lead to patriots gathering much needed supplies and support for the war.
5. Austin Dabney was a mulatto boy that was awarded land for his bravery at Kettle Creek.
6. Elijah Clarke was a patriot leader in the Battle of Kettle Creek.
7. The loyalist in the Revolutionary war were people that supported the Great Britain Tories.
8. The patriots in the Revolutionary war were people that supported and helped the colonists.
9. The Declaration of Independence was a list of grievances and stated the colonies wanted to be independent.
10. The declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, which is why we celebrate the Forth of July.

Local news: Battle of Kettle Creek

On Febuary 11, the partiriots in Georgia attacked the British at Vans Creek. Also on Febuary 14, the patiroits attack a group of 700 loyalist. The patriots form columns and attck using that strategy. THe patriots won a small, but signifigant victory. It was a great way to show Georgia still had strength, since Savannah had fallen two months earlier. The battle of Kettle Creek showed that the patriots could be outnumbered but would still put up a strong victorious fight. The picture below shows: the patriots and loyalist fighting. As you can see the British[red] strongly outnumber the patriots[blue]
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Column 2: Quotes

“Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice, and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families.” - Benjamin Rush

"Our properties within our own territories should not be taxed or regulated by any power on earth but our own.”- Thomas Jefferson

Free choice: Boston tea Party

The Boston Tea party was a very significant act in the Revolutionary war. It represented that the patriots were not backing down and wanted to be known as an independent people . The Boston tea party was the act of people throwing 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. The Boston Tea party was also one of the many acts that led to the start of The Revolutionary war. (The picture below shows patriots throwing chest of tea into the Boston harbor.)
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