Welcome to the Waterpark!

By Rachel Lisi

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Staff and Admission

Rebecca, David, and Luc are working at the waterpark. Admission is $16. If you rent water equipment you have to pay $5 per hour. Using a thinking map to organize your work, create a table, graph and equation that shows the number of hours of rental (h) and total cost (c) for 0 to 10 hours of rental.




Hour(h) 0_ 1_ 2 _3_ 4__ 5 _6_ 7__ 8_ 9_10

Cost(c) 16 21 26 31 36 41 46 51 56 61 66

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In order to solve for the total cost you have to find the hours. That makes the cost the dependent variable, and the number of hours the independent variable. In addition, all the above data all shows the same thing just in different forms. An example would be that the table shows the data in numerical sequence and the graph uses coordinate graphing to show what the data is.