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We are so happy to have you as members of the National Learning Coach community. This community includes Learning Coaches from across the United States - your students attend over 60+ Stride K12-powered schools. This newsletter is designed to serve up helpful content, resources, and ways for you to connect with other Learning Coaches. We are committed to helping you be successful in your important role as a Learning Coach.

K12 App

The K12 app is a great resource for Learning Coaches. Log into the K12 app with your Learning Coach credentials and you'll have the power to:

  • Track your student's progress
  • View your schedule
  • Log daily attendance (note: only used by some schools)
  • Receive instant notifications (such as when your student's materials have been shipped, when courses and teachers have been assigned, and more)
  • Communicate your plans for future school years

The K12 app experience varies by school.

Find Your Virtual Village

Want to Connect with other Learning Coaches? #LearningCoachLife

Join thousands of Learning Coaches in the National LC Community within the K12 App. This virtual village has been built to help Learning Coaches:
- Connect with one another
- Enjoy interactive discussions
- Receive and share advice, ideas, and encouragement

One of the most popular topics in the National Community is LCs connecting their students – for example, LCs share their student's interests and gaming handles so the students can make friends.

If you haven't, download the K12 App, log in using your Learning Coach credentials, and join the National K12 Learning Coach community and if your school has a school-specific community you’ll have access to that as well.

As a Learning Coach, it's very important to help your student engage socially as part of their Stride K12-powered school experience. Click below to learn more about what's offered by Stride K12.
Student Programming SY 21-22

Guest Speaker Series

Learning Coach Guest Speaker Series

All session completed are also available as on-demand sessions. You can register to view recordings by CLICKING here.

  • May: Reduce the Summer Slide
  • April: Parenting in the new Millennium: Fostering intrinsic motivation, resilience, and accountability in children

On Demand Resources and Webcasts

Resources for families

Check out our Recipe of the Month!

Honey Chili Garlic Shrimp

This mouth-watering sweet chili garlic shrimp takes only 15 minutes to make! The sweet and spicy flavors of my sweet chili sauce are perfect with the shrimp.

CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Check out our On Learning Podcast

On Learning is a new podcast that tells the K12 story and showcases how online teachers, parents, and students work together to make online education at home a success. Fifteen episodes are now live and we encourage you to listen to all of them. You can also find us and subscribe to them via Apple Podcasts. Look for our podcast cover, as shown here!

Newrow for Learning Coaches

Have you heard? We are transitioning from Blackboard Collaborate to our new Class Connect collaboration platform, Newrow. Here are some resources to help you in this transition!


Quick Tech Check: https://smart.newrow.com/room/testPage/

Newrow Guide for Students/Learning Coaches: https://supportk12.newrow.com/en/article/newrow-guide-for-studentslearning-coaches

Email lcu@k12.com if you have any questions.