Learning Coach Support Programs

Resources for Learning Coaches in K12-Powered Schools

Welcome Learning Coaches!

Thank you! We are honored you chose a K12-Powered School for your student(s)! We strive to provide you with helpful content, resources, and connections to be successful in your important role as a Learning Coach. Please visit this page frequently to view the latest schedules and information.

Learning Coach Guest Speaker Series!

May session will discuss how to reduce the summer slide.

Session this month will feature a panel of experts that will discuss how to keep learning fun this summer. Session will review Stride summer programming for students and families along with a question and answer opportunity.

May 27th, 3:30 pm EST: CLICK to register

All session completed are also available as on-demand sessions. You can register to view recordings by CLICKING here.

  • April: Parenting in the new Millennium: Fostering intrinsic motivation, resilience, and accountability in children

K12 App

Explore K12 on your smartphone or tablet! And stay tuned, we're continually adding new app features.

The K12 app is a great resource, keeping you in the loop starting with your online school search to completing the enrollment process to the last day of the school year and beyond!

With the app, you'll have the power to:

  • Start and complete enrollment
  • Track your student's progress
  • View your schedule
  • Log daily attendance
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Communicate your plans for future school years

The K12 app experience may vary by school. If you have questions, call 866.571.4316 for information.

Want to Connect with other Learning Coaches? #LearningCoachLife

Tap 'Community' within the K12 App to connect with thousands of Learning Coaches. This virtual village has been built to help Learning Coaches:

  • Connect with one another
  • Enjoy interactive discussions
  • Receive and share advice, ideas, and encouragement

The National LC Community includes resources, programming, live guest discussion board moderators, challenges, and community-building events. Some Stride K12-powered schools also have a school-specific LC Community within the K12 App.

Download the K12 App, log in using your Learning Coach credentials and join us. Being virtual does not mean feeling disconnected. www.learningcoachlife.com

Virtual School vs. Home School

Have you heard the words virtual school and home school? Is there a difference? Yes, there is! And we want to help you understand that difference!

In this creative graphic we break down the different components of the school organization, and share the difference between documentation, curriculum, teachers, materials, and schedule.

Click HERE for more details and to explore the difference between virtual school and home school!

Walk to Class Sessions

Online School: On-demand sessions covering topics including navigating and understanding resources in the Online School (OLS) and K12 App; the difference between OLS and Class Connect; and Introduction to Learning course to help you have a successful school year!

Set Up for Success: On-demand sessions help you plan for the school year including expectations, involvement, socialization, schedules, learning coach tips, family rules, and organization.

On-Demand Education for Learning Coaches

K12 Computer Basics: If you want to learn or brush up on your computer skills, you have come to the right place. CLICK HERE for computer basics videos done by Learning Coaches for Leaching Coaches.

Newrow for Learning Coaches: Have you heard? We are transitioning to our new online classroom for student collaboration platform, called Newrow. This on-demand tutorial provides a view of the online classroom, steps for students to be successful in Newrow, and tips and tricks for navigating this platform! CLICK HERE to view.

Coach to Coach Sessions

On Demand presentations by veteran learning coaches on a variety of topics relevant to the Learning Coach role. Varied session topics including: 5 tips for Good Digital Citizenship, Tips for Foolproof meal planning, What about Socialization and More!

Newrow for Learning Coaches

Have you heard? We are transitioning from Blackboard Collaborate to our new Class Connect collaboration platform, Newrow. Here are some resources to help you in this transition!


Quick Tech Check: https://smart.newrow.com/room/testPage/

Step-by-step troubleshooting: https://supportk12.newrow.com/en/article/step-by-step-troubleshooting

Newrow Guide for Students/Learning Coaches: https://supportk12.newrow.com/en/article/newrow-guide-for-studentslearning-coaches

Advanced Troubleshooting Page: https://supportk12.newrow.com/en/article/step-by-step-troubleshooting

Newrow Support Line Phone Number: 877-847-1169

Email lcu@k12.com if you have any questions.

Check out our On Learning Podcast

On Learning is a new podcast that tells the K12 story and showcases how online teachers, parents, and students work together to make online education at home a success. Fifteen episodes are now live and we encourage you to listen to all of them. You can also find us and subscribe to them via Apple Podcasts. Look for our podcast cover, as shown here!

Check out our Recipe of the Month!

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

When a mac and cheese craving hits, it usually hits hard and fast. Like, we *need* that first creamy, piping hot, savory macaroni and cheese bite ASAP. Thank goodness for the Instant Pot, because that handy pressure cooking tool, plus our super easy Instant Pot mac and cheese recipe equals perfect mac and cheese just about anytime your little heart—our ours, or your kids’—might desire. Just how fast is it? Grab a bowl, because this mac and cheese is ready in FIVE MINUTES.

CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Student Socialization Opportunities

With a variety of club options, your student has the opportunity to connect with other students from across the nation while participating in activities they love. Be sure to sign up through our National Club Newsletter!