Mustard Making & Co.

We also have burgers.

Flavored mustard!

Tired of that disgusting old mustard? Then we have something for you! Here at Mustard Making and Co. you can place an order for any flavor of mustard you want, along with a type of burger, and we'll supply you with it. You can mix and match all types of flavors from a chocolate burger and peanut butter mustard, to a salad burger with bacon mustard!

Our Products

We are a partnership

We are partnered with Burger Making & Co. to serve you with the most unique burgers and condiments. The advantages of a partnership is that we can have lower tax rates due to income splitting and, we can always easily change our legal status if something changes. We also have a greater amount of money that we can borrow to use to make our products and buy the supplies.

Overcoming Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of a partnership is that each of us is fully responsible for each other. So, if something bad happens to one of us, financially speaking, then the other will also be held responsible. We plan to overcome this by keeping a steady record and planner of all of our financial decisions and immediately exchange it with one another, in person, over text, or email, at least 24 hours before the decision is actually made. This way, both of us have time to look over the decisions, work out kinks, and make a final draft.

Employee Concern

At Mustard Making & Co. we love listening to our employees. We want to know what they're thinking and how they feel. In order to do this, we have an open shop union. This means that our employees are not required to voice their opinion, or financially support the union but, if they want to be included in the negotiations between the employees and the employer it is recommended.

Our Green Thumb

All of our products are GMO free. We raise our own cows, feed them fresh grown grass, and plant our own mustard seeds. We also use to go bags, napkins, and cups made out of recycled materials like newspaper.