Conversation Warden

By: Ben Storby

Career Overview

What is your career all about? What do people do who have this career?

Conversation Warden is about a belief of only natural laws and forces

Conversation Warden works to preserve nature and promote knowledge about what their job is

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What to do to succeed in this career

Good classes to take in high school are: Algebra, Biology, Ecology, Geometry, and Natural Resources. As far as college, I would need to get a bachelor degree.

Education cost

One year, University of colorado: $24,048 per year

For a bachelor degree, $96,192

Yes I will need a loan and a part time job to afford college

Yes it is a career I would want to do because it is mostly outdoors and you get to talk to a lot of different people

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Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career

Pros and Cons for this career


1) work with others

2) many different careers of a naturalist

3) can help others


1) usually outdoors if you don't like the outdoors

2) not that good of pay not experienced with the career

Job Advertisement

Do you like to meet and talk to people? Then a conversation wardens is the career for you! You work inside or outside! You can make up to $69,000 a year! All it takes is a bachelors degree!

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