Gamma Rays

By Lauren Roemer

Four Uses for Gamma Rays

  • Doctors use them to see inside of your body
  • Large Area Telescopes
  • Fighting cancer
  • Nuclear weapons give off gamma rays
Frequency Range: 1020 - 1024 Hz

Wavelength Range: <10-12 m

New Technology Using Gamma Rays

Description of the new technology

A researcher at Oregon State University has developed a way to turn used nuclear fuel into gamma rays that are needed to sterilize things like food and medical supplies. This was a hard task to do before he invented it, and if it is successful, it should give nuclear plants millions of dollars yearly in revenue. The use of gamma rays on these products does not make them radioactive and generally has no effect on them.You can use this to sterilize food, items (etc.). You could also use it to get rid of nuclear waste and use it for good.

Materials/instruments used

-used nuclear fuel

-gamma rays

-conveyor belts

-things needed to be sterilized

(Shown in video below)

Impact On the World

It will get rid of of used nuclear fuels, and they will be used to sterilize food and medical equipment, so that's always good. It will also create a much quicker easier way to sterilize large amounts of food and medical equipment at the same time. It will be very good because hospitals and things need their equipment sterilized quickly and they need lots of it (depending on the size of the hospital).

Date of discovery and Inventor(s)

Russell Goff invented it in 2013
Big image
This would be what the capsule in the facility would look like.
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diagram of what the factory would look like
G-Demption Spent Nuclear Fuel Gamma Ray Irradiation Facility