A Trip Through The Digestive System

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The Attractions We Will Visit

We are going to start the tour, by going to a large warehouse were we will be shrunk into tiny microscopic creatures. We will then be boarding a large vessel known as humans food, which will transport us to our destination. Once we have arrived at the human, we will start our tour around the mouth, were we can observe the amazing wonder of our vessel being destroyed. After it has been destroyed and thrown down the esophagus, we will follow it in an exciting free fall to the stomach. Our tour guides will then show you some cool flips while falling. Then we will get a short amount of time to swap our clothes into acid proof wet suits as there is acid which is used to dissolve food and, if you don't wear the wet suit, you. After you have put them on, you will get between 2-4 hours to swim in this amazing, gigantic pool, which will provide a fun activity for all ages and sizes.

The Attractions We Will Visit (continued)

We will then travel past the pancreas and liver (which are only available for premium travelers) and go down the the small intestine. The small intestine is the most fun part of our trip. We will go down a massive slide which is 4 - 6 kilometers long, depending on our human. you will get to choose if you want to go down on top of villi, or in the valley. Then we will go into a capsule of food and the large intestine will contract to push us slowly through the large intestine. Bacteria are available as toys for the kids for premium travelers. After this, we will get out of our vehicle and parachute into a massive lake known as a toilet. Once we have landed, you will be asked to dispose of your wetsuits and will be transported back to the warehouse.

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The attractions we will visit (continued)

We will then be going on a massive