GNHS College and Career Center News

January/February 2022

'Staying Connected'

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing winter break!

This newsletter is designed for all grade levels although, at times, there may be specific information directed to a particular class. It's ok - read it all!


Students and parents should become familiar with all of our avenues for reaching out with important information as well as being aware of information that may affect you now - or in the future. Please visit the places below on a regular basis:

  • Although the FAFSA is a requirement for seniors, there is a FAFSA Nonparticipation Form that must be filled out if you are opting out of applying for student aid.
  • SCHOOLOGY - each grade level has a Schoology 'CCRC of 20...' course listed under 'my courses'. It is a GOOD idea to check that often, no matter what you grade level. And if you click on the 'materials' tab, on the left, you will see folders that contain A LOT of valuable information. ***Parents, did you realize that you also have access to Schoology and your students' courses? You would have received an email in mid to late August with your access codes! Be sure to login! If you don't have this information, please contact Rachel Burnette at
  • EMAIL - each student has a D127 email address that should be checked daily. The administration, teachers and clubs send important information for students but another reason for checking daily would be to instill these habits for your professional life in the future!
  • NAVIANCE - All students have access to this great online tool to help align strengths and interests to post-secondary goals! Click HERE to sign in with the single sign on option. HERE is our Naviance brochure with great tips on where to go and what to do!
  • COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER WEBSITE - This has just as much, if not more information than Schoology. Click HERE to go to the main page. THIS is a great link for all grade levels as it contains many things all in one place, such as a Naviance tutorial, community college links, Cum Laude link, test information/prep links, college information and so much more! Are you more interested in exploring Career, Technical and/or specialty schools? Go HERE!
Have you visited the One Stop Knight Shop on the North website!? There is SO MUCH helpful information all in one place - right at your fingertips!

Anything from Attendance and Schedule to the Cum Laude Program to Knights Activities/Clubs to Academic Help - and everything in between! If you have a question about anything, GO THERE FIRST!

Did you know...

  • there are over 50 clubs and activities to get involved in?
  • there are announcements posted regarding school information, events coming up, and more?
  • there is a button specific to Seniors?
  • there are social/emotional resources?
  • there is testing information?
  • there is technology and chromebook support?


Naviance Family Connection is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps parents and students align their strengths and interests to postsecondary goals. You really must visit the site! Remember, you don't need a password - use the Single Sign On button.

ALL grade levels have access to Strengths Explorer and Career Interest profiler!

An example under the Careers tab is the Explore Careers search option. Type in a career you are thinking of and it will bring up that career as well as others related to it. You are then able to click on the career of your choice and it will bring you to the job description overview and tabs for Knowledge and Skills, Tasks and Activities, and Wages! At least it gives you an idea about your field, questions you may want to ask others - or yourself, and if you may or may not be a good fit! Check out the Naviance tutorial for a general overview and the Career and About Me sections!

Career Videos on the CCRC Website

The College and Career Resource Center website has a page - Career Videos - that are listed by career cluster. Of course, it is NOT an all inclusive list but it's a start. It's a great way to find out a day in the life of... whatever your dream may be! These videos are also accessible on the CCRC Schoology page in your materials folder.



We are now entering the scholarship season and wrapping up those loose ends for the college applications! Remember, YOU GOT THIS and no matter what, you will end up right where you're supposed to be.


On Monday, 2/14 and Tuesday, 2/15, from 9-3, during Knights Blocks, our CLC representative and counselors will be available for CLC application assistance and scholarship opportunity overview. This will be taking place in C105.

If your college is requesting a midyear transcript, you will use the same link as the initial transcript request.

Your college may request a verification to double-check the accuracy of the information you provided in your FAFSA. Verification is used to ensure your estimated family contribution, or EFC, and any federal financial aid you get will best match your circumstances. Once you've received notification from your school that your FAFSA has been selected, you'll be asked to provide additional documentation. Your college will review this information to complete the verification and financial aid process.

In most cases, students are selected for verification at random, although some students may be asked to verify information that is seemingly incongruous with other parts of their application.

#1 - Make sure your FAFSA is complete.
#2 - Investigate scholarships that are given from the colleges in your list.
#3 - Check out the Local/State Scholarship packet - it's filling in quick now! And check often, it changes all the time! Take a look at all of them, see what you are qualified for, and fill them out! Many are in a format that you will be able to fill out right online but others will be a PDF for you to download and complete. Instructions are there to assist you with the delivery process, whether it's to mail, email or anything else.

HERE is a document that includes information on money for college, the Local/State Scholarship packet, and much more!

EARLY GRADS - You will still qualify for the Local Scholarships so be sure to visit the GNHS Senior Resource page (linked below) for that information as well as any other important things!

Following are some VERY important resources for college-bound seniors! Please be sure to take a look at these - they may answer questions you didn't even know you had:


This is an important year for you!

Here is a very helpful, and basic, 'College-bound Junior Timeline'. There are also some printed ones in the College and Career Resource if you'd like to grab one!

Things you can be doing:

  • Narrow your options regarding the TYPE of college you'd like to attend: Small, medium or large? Close to home or farther away? State school or private school? Cost? And be sure your options have the Major you'd like to pursue.
  • You should plan to visit your college choices in the spring and summer so you are able to be right on schedule for applying at the beginning of your senior year.
  • Be sure you are still on track by taking all of your necessary core classes and prepare for senior year.

Helpful links:

Junior Jumpstart Guide

In Case You Missed It - document with college representative contact information and links (those who have scheduled with GNHS).


Your counselors, as well as the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC), are here to give you as many resources as possible to be able to research and figure out what's best for you!

There are SO MANY options for 'life after GNHS' and it's nearly impossible to touch on all of them BUT we will certainly give you information on what we can!


Lake County Tech Campus

Lake County Tech Campus is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school that offers 22 programs to over 1,800 juniors and seniors throughout Lake and McHenry county.

EXPLORE dozens of in-demand career pathways!

These CTE programs not only teach students real-world knowledge and skills, but increasingly provide opportunities for dual enrollment, industry-recognized credentials, and meaningful work-based learning experiences! HERE are some of the National Wage Estimates for the programs offered at Tech Campus!

PLAN your future!

**click HERE for the Lake County Area Vocational System Career Guide for 21/22 with much more amazing information**

Some Tech Campus perks are:

Certificate Programs

Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs - There are two main types of certificate programs: undergraduate and graduate. Often there are undergraduate and graduate certificate programs for the same subject. The undergraduate curriculum is more basic, while the graduate certificate provides more in depth information.

  • Undergraduate certificate programs are designed for students who have a high school diploma or GED. They provide basic career skills that allow students to obtain entry-level positions within their field.
  • Graduate certificate programs cater to students who have earned a bachelors degree or masters degree. Typically these students need additional career training in order to earn a promotion, increase their salary potential, or just to stay on top of industry standards and technologies.

Today, there is a certificate program for pretty much all industries, as technology and industry standards continue to evolve.

Employers see certificates as a valid way for an employee to increase their knowledge or specialize in a subject. Some of the key benefits include validation of knowledge, increased marketability, increased earning power and enhanced academic performance!

For more information and other articles related to certificate programs, click HERE to go to the Campus Explorer website.

CLC offers programs with Career Degree & Certificate Options - take a look!


We hope this has given you some sort of direction to think about! The next newsletter will be out in early March!

Resources for students and parents - located in the following places:

**There are Naviance YouTube tutorials in Schoology and on the CCRC website!


Any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Grayslake North Counseling Department

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