By Seth Paris

My Biome Description

It location Is Canada, Asia,Europe. It is mostly trees and grass. It goes long ways acrostic the world. It has not a long winter so fire is common.

The weather, temperature, precipitation.

It temperature for half of a years is -56 and 21'C. It Sumer weather is wet is must of the time.

Fire not uncommon in these parts. It rain fall is 10-30 inches.

Some photos of taiga wild and out door things.

The land forms.

It has M.T. But the must part it flat. It has some body of water. It has no Canyons or islands.the ground is good for plant it the human came it a bit bad now so hope it don't go like this.

Animals and plants

The animals are live there fury animal like deer,moose,elk,hares, and bears. Plant do not grow there as much causes the coldness but here are some plants pine trees, oak, willow, and Adler. The soil is a bit bad.bear are spathe danger in these part of the taiga whatch our step.

More info

There is a lot of fire in the taiga it cold and hot it wildlife is is good the human are making it a bad place with acid rain bad for soil the tree are being cut down so no fire start up to much we make it a bad thing the good thing is the wild life was a lot to much were they are in pain with no food so the animal are doing fine now.