Wagner Elementary School

April 2022 Newsletter

It is great to see that spring is finally here! It seems like school year has gone so quickly! Report cards are soon here, and we are starting to plan for next school year, already.

It doesn’t seem that spring will ever arrive, but the snow is still managing to melt slowly. With this comes the ice and puddles on our playground. We continue to remind students to stay off the ice and out of the water, but it seems so hard for them to resist. There was a serious injury in another school when a student slipped on the ice and cracked their head. Although it may seem that we are being overprotective of our students in asking them to stay off the ice. This may be so, but we really want to make sure no one gets hurt as much as the injured student did. We just want to keep our students safe and free from injury.

This brings up the topic of the water. Falling into water and getting wet is not an injury and safety concern. It is more of a comfort concern. I would encourage parents to send a pair of socks and an extra pair of pants that can stay at school for the next few weeks. In case your student falls and gets wet, they can change right away.

Students have completed the provincial survey, “Tell Them for Me”. I think it is a very valuable tool to help us make our school better. We do not often ask for student feedback, so this is a great opportunity to voice concerns or worries or to let us know that you are happy with our school. If you have concerns or worries, I will also encourage you to please come in and see us at the school. Some things we can easily change, and sometimes all it takes is an explanation.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable April and looks forward to May as much as all of us at Wagner.

Mr. Trevor Norum

Drama Club

Saturday, April 9th at 1:30 p.m.

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World Book Day

We are excited to be celebrating World Book Day at Wagner Elementary School on April 13, 2022. The official date for World Book Day in Canada is April 22 but we are celebrating a little early because of our Easter break.

World Book Day is a special day that celebrates books and is recognized around the world. It is an opportunity for students to have fun while celebrating reading and books! As educators we know that reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success, so we want to encourage a love of reading in our students.

We will be enjoying many activities throughout the day, including a costume competition. We are encouraging our students to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books. There are pictures attached that can give you different ideas for costumes. There are also many great ideas on the internet! We will be awarding prizes to the top 5 costumes in the school!

For another fun activity, we will be holding a school wide ‘booknic’ at lunchtime. Parents and guardians are invited to come in at lunch to sit with your children, eat together and read some books! We will be sending home pizza order forms at the beginning of April so you can enjoy a pizza lunch at your booknic.

We have many other exciting book activities planned for our students for World Book Day. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. We hope to see you for lunch on April 13 and happy reading!

NESD Updated Safe School Plan

• Students, staff, families who are ill should stay home

• All students and staff must self-monitor for symptoms and use the NESD screening tool

• Designated spaces shall be assigned for those who may become ill during the day and can be accommodated until a parent can take the child home

• All visitors must sign in when entering the school. A welcome station with a sign-in log, hand sanitizer and masks will be visible in the main school entry

• Schools will adopt a mask-friendly approach in all settings. It is recommended that all students, staff and visitors wear masks in common spaces such as hallways, washrooms, lunchrooms, libraries and school buses.

• Masks are NOT mandated or required for students and staff. If students or staff choose to wear masks, they should feel more than welcome to and masks will be available if they so choose.

• Rapid test kits are available at the school office for any families who may need. Parents may stop by and pick one up anytime.

Nutrition Bites

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Daily Screening Questionnaire

We understand that it is cold and flu season, but please do not send your children to school with any symptoms. Please complete the daily screening and if your child has any of the symptoms please keep them at home. Thanks!
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