By: Erik


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Many of the students join at a younger age. Students learned by just words no notes or computers to use. When the students practice writing they write on wax tablets. Only the elite would use parchment and quill. If you finished school they believed you were above the normals. Education splits into two sections.


Study of grammar, rhetoric, and Logic


Study of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music



In inheritance and the position of the head of the house, the eldest son would have been first in line. Also the younger brothers would have gotten fewer privileges, but when they did have the opportunity they became a servant, merchant, or even a soldier.


Wedding a daughter to a rich family or giving a proper to their children could have been one way people showed their love towards their family
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The women were usually regarded less than the men, and during marriage the wife was property of the husband. Also inside the house, her other jobs were making beds, cleaning the house, cooking, and also taking care of their personal garden.
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