Do not believe in global warming

Jordan B. Hannah P. Jaylon H.

The reason it change

When the vikings moved to green land it was warm,green, and resourceful and then there was a climate change. The reason why global warming is not true is because the climate started to change when the vikings where there in green land and when the vikings where there they did not have all of the thing that scientist are saying are harming the earth.So after the climate change everything in green land was frozen and it was cold.

Carbon or temperature

So when the temperature rises the carbon dioxide level rises.Most of the carbon dioxide comes from the ocean as well.So when the sun is active the climate goes up. Most of the energy that we have comes from the ocean.Humans can not melt all the ice caps, carbon dioxide and the temperature helps make ice caps melt.The ice caps on mars are shrinking as well as the earth.

Now you know that global warming is false

So now know global warming is false and humans can not be doing all of the things to the earth.