Over Fishing

Too many boats, not enough fish!

By Hannah Walton, Jill Prechtel, and Emily Murphy

Is This A Tragedy? Yes.

Global over fishing is a rising epidemic. We are running out of fish and running out of space. There are too many boats and not enough fish.

The Facts

  • 63% of global fish stocks are now considered over fished.
  • Over 70% of the world's marine species are endangered.
  • 90% of the top predatory fish have disappeared.
  • We have enough boats for 3 planets, but we only have 1.
  • Some vessels can catch up to 3,000 tons of fish in just one trip.
Overfishing - The consequences

Large Predatory Fish, Where Did They Go?

Every year, humans on average kill and estimated amount of 100 million sharks a year. Many types of sharks are endangered, its not just that they are being hunted they are getting caught in the fishing nets. They are most of the time hunted illegally. Fisherman use a technique called shark finning. They cut off the sharks fins then throw them back into the water to let them die. And they don't die peacefully, since they don't have their fins to swim they aren't able to breath. So they will either die drowning of float down to the bottom of the ocean floor and die.
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Things We Can Do To Help

The biggest thing we can do is raise awareness of this problem. Most people don't know that so many populations of fish are going extinct. We can also make new laws enforcing how much people can fish. We could make safe havens where it is illegal to fish in those certain areas. All of these could help rebuild the oceanic ecosystem. Another solution could be to start fishing days for bodies of water. For instance make a rule enforcing that people should fish only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

What Would the Ocean Look Like in 20 Years if Our Solutions Become Real

If our solutions work, in twenty years our oceans would have been effected greatly. There would be more marine life and they would be healthier. The food chain will grow tremendously. Their evolutionary process would have increased instead of decreased. And all in all our oceans would be a lot healthier.
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