Grenada L.A Project

Grenada DUSTIN simpson

Background info

The CAPITAL of Grenada is St.George. The 2 major cities in Grenada are Gouave and Grenville. My country was controlled by another country, they were controlled by the United Kingdom. My country gained independence in 1974, and it is not controlled right now. My country's official language is English.

Geographical info & political info

My country is located in the lesser Antilles. My country has physical features Mount Maitland, Mount Brisbbane, and mount Nelson. My country has a parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarch government. The leader of my country is Cecil La Grenada. My country is not on good terms with other countries

Economic and export info

My countryies currency is East Carribean dollar and its economic system is socialism. My country imports poultry meat, wheat and cars. They import good from the U.S, China,uk,and Brazil.they export nutmeg,cocoa beans,non fillet-fish. They export goods from U.S, Switzerland,Germany,Netherlands and Canada


People should Visit my country because it has tropical vegetation and there is a lot to do because it's near water. Tourist can snorkel, go sailing, see national museum, see fort George and watch cricket