The Pro's by Victoria Smedley

What is Socialism all about?

Socialism is a form of government that believes that everyone should be equal. Socialism believes that no one should be better than the other. Everyone is equal and shares the same stuff.

Good and Bad things about Socialism

A lot of people find Socialism to be the stupidest idea someone could come up with. Who could blame them? Socialism makes it so everyone is equal and that no one can be more of something then the other. People also think that its the best idea ever. Imagine your one of those kids in class who studied really hard but didn't really understand the things you were searching, and when it came time for the test you knew you were gonna fail. Not in Socialism. They average out everyone in the class's test scores and thats the score everyone gets. So you, that kid that didn't really understand it. You still get a good score.

Who's in control?

What rights do citizens have?

No Child Left Behind

Citizens have the right to the No Child Left Behind Right because just like what this government is made for. Its to make sure that everyone is treated and given the same amount of something as others. So in school, for students its the same. This is so that kids who have tough times in school don't feel bad and get held back like you would in our form of government.

How Are Our Government and Socialism Different?

Well one way there different is we have the choice to do what we wanna do when we want to. When we take tests and quizzes our grades don't get averaged. We get the grade we deserve and they stay that way unless we want to take it again. Which is different then Socialism because you don't have the choice to do different things. Even though you might be going through the thoughts in your head and thinking "wow Socialism stinks I would never want to live in that government" ask your self. Would you rather have your worst grade ever and keep it like that? Or would you like to have it averaged so your grade is now a B.

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