The first event of the station


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Every year to celebrate the anniversary

It was a Fashion Show and rumba restates organized by the schools in the city. Event day everything was ready, except a permit from the mayor's office a few minutes before entering the attendees came to check the site and apply for the permit, which we ignored. Images all ready models, makeup, dresses, gateway, lights, sound, yet quite ready to be a remembered event, unprecedented in the city. All participating tamil online fm schools, was a guaranteed success... Most things get to change advertising and the other part was paid with tickets sold in resale and what it took, that night was collected. All attendees who were queuing for entry went against us organizers. We demanded the money back, money that was already invested with suppliers of the event.

I remember that day touched us tamil online fm escorted out by the police, so that our lives are not in danger. After that experience, for me it has been difficult to make the commemorative events. The first thing we did was for the second anniversary in Jackass Coffee Bar in Bogota. There artists like Santiago Letters were presented. To be the first event of the station we did well. The second was conducted in a bar called on. As in the first presentation also had artists and Memorial CD release with the independent artists who rang in the year. The last was in December in High bar in as before I had problems with the sound. The bands are picky fm radio online about that and the costs of tamil online fm having an excellent sound are very high, so we had no difficulties of presenting some for having undesirable conditions.

These events serve to share and meet our audience; have never had an economic value to the listener, this cost is assumed by the click here company in exchange for advertising exchanges with bar owners. Suffering and stress it is handled is too high; I do not enjoy the event by being aware of all the details. Every year there tamil online fm are always one or two people leading the realization of the anniversary, without them there would be events. I get even if it fm radio online is worthwhile to continue making annual events and taking commemorative. I've noticed that artists are very ungrateful to the organization, not value that the event makes them as recognition for them and that they should at least cooperate, for example with the achievement of sound, if that's what worries them most.

Memorial CD is also a very high investment we do and see on the part of the artists included very little interest; I think it has come not continue to make these types of events with live and rethink the CD production. Problems get more and disadvantages also exist with the staff or team. There are days that causes me to send everything to hell, and not continue to open doors to students and amateurs, as there are other days when those who have spent some time with me feel very grateful and proud for all that tamil online fm They learned.

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