Meet My Great Grandma

By: Abby Dover

My great grandma Poe

My great grandma Poe was a teacher in a one room school house. She was a kind teacher and loved children. She loved to know that they were learning something and she loved to help.

Poe Troupe

My great grandma poe was a wondeful women. She worked at a one room school house. She had 7 kids and they all were in her classroom. She loved kids and loved her job. She would walk home every day after school with her kids.

One room school house

After 10 years of working in the school house they knocked it down to build a brand new school. So Poe was at home while they were constructing the school. Even at home she taught her kids as much as she could.

Born/ Died

Poe was born in 1830 as she grew up she loved to work on the farm. She died 1922 we assume.