No Teachers Left Behind

EDUC 650 Melissa Radjagukguk

Behind the scenes of 'No Teachers Left Behind'

Teachers want to improve their teaching skills by attending workshops to gain professional development. They want to grow in their career just like the students are growing to learn to be educated. Government should provide funds or budget for school district to allow to cover the cost for educators to attend seminars, workshops, or classes to be up to par with the latest teaching skills. Educators want to feel that they are not being left behind with the latest studies or technology because there is no money invested in their improvement to become better teacher. Nonetheless, they need to know the new practices or techniques.

Using the same practices??

Educators should definitely use the same practices worldwide. If they have the same common practices then it will be easier to understand and to apply it in the classroom. They will be a successful teachers knowing the training requirement they've accomplished is going to help with the putting lesson plans or curriculum.

Getting educated enough?

Teachers need help all the time. They need to know what is the latest standards, latest technology available, and latest practices. Just like each season, there is always new trends of clothing, styles, gadgets, and cars. Educators need adequate training and quality education to keep up in how to educate the students better and to better themselves as teachers.

Meeting the standards

In order to meet the standards, teachers should be guaranteed that they can still have their job if they are allowed to take prep classes to keep up with the new practices and techniques. With the downfall of economy, teachers need to feel assured that they'll still have their job. There is so much pressure from the boss for them to further their skills, but how can they if they don't allow teachers the time out of work to continue to learn. To be successful teachers they need they are being invested in, just like teachers invested in their students. Veterans teachers need to master the same skills just like the newcomers. Teachers needs to be educated more in the field.