Use Credit Wisely

Facts about credit and debit

The difference between credit and debit cards

With credit cards you borrow money from the credit card companies but with debit cards you buy things with money from your bank account.

Three ways to make a positive credit history. your bills on time

2.don't open lots of credit cards. bills in full

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5 websites to help manage your money. this website allows you to easily make budgets. this website allows you to easily track your saving goals. this app allows you to make budgets using the envelope budget style. it helps you protect your cards. this app helps you budget your money properly.

advantages and disadvantages of credit


1.easy access

2. you don't actually have to have the money.

3. you're money is protected.


1.identity theft is very common

2. you could get overzealous and purchase too much.

3.they use some of your money and you have to pay a fee.


APR is your annual percentage rate that credit companies fee you for using their cards. say you buy something for $500 and your apr is 18% and you pay $50 a month then it will take 11 months to pay off and it will cost you a total of $545.78

Free credit report

You can get one of these once a year. you can get this at . and if you find any errors in your report contact the credit company that has the error.

credit counseling help

a good credit counselor in Ohio is they can help you get financial help and counseling.
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