The life of a Perch

Perch dissection Michelle Tamez 4/4/14 Vu-Pre-Ap-1


A perch is an animal that you can find in almost any place with clear water, moderate vegetation,and lots of sand, mud, or gravel. You will be able to find a perch in a pond, lake, or streamand along the Atlantic coast.The predators that a perch face are fishes that are larger than them for example, the largemouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish and others. Perch also face my getting eaten by a large bird like a herons, hawk, or an eagle. The scientific name for a perch is Perca. A perch food supply is filled with copepods, waterfleas, and other small crustaceans. Perch have learned to adapt by having fins to help them move easier 2 parts to their heart.

Evolutionary relationship of a Perch

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Perch facts:

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Circulatory System of a Perch

The circulatory system contains the heart that only has one atrium and ventricle. In the case of only one atrium and ventricle blood can only come in and out one way. Deoxygenated blood is pumped through the body, it is the oxygenated then sent back through the body. Perch have a low pressure system. Perch have a closed circulatory system. They have a heavy membrane separating the cavities.The circulatory system works with with all other system by giving them a continuous blood flow to keep on functioning.