2nd Grade News

January 23rd, 2014

A Note from Mrs. Hicks

Hello Families!

I sent out all of the NWEA scores from the middle of the year. Please let me know if you have any questions about them. This is just one of the many assessments that we use here at school. We will take NWEA again at the end of the year and track the growth from the beginning to the end of the year. I am so proud of the growth that the children are making in both reading and math. We make a great team!

-Mrs. Hicks

Global Play Day- February 4th


On February 4, 2015, is the launch of the first annual Global School Play Day for students in schools around the world, grades Pre-K to 6 or ages 1-12. In his book Free to Learn and through his TEDx talk, Dr. Peter Gray clearly argues the case that today's kids do not grow up playing and this has negatively impacted them in many ways. It's time we return the gift of play to this generation.

How Does it Work At Cumberland Elementary School?

1. EDUCATE: CRES will be promoting and educating our students about the benefits and necessity of play. Through discussion and interactions we will together see the importance of healthy play skills.

2. CALL FOR TOYS: Students are to bring anything they wish to play with to school on Wednesday, February 4th. The only restrictions: they must bring toys and these toys may NOT require batteries or electricity. No devices! Some ideas of toys to bring in: board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, social games (charades, Pictionary, etc.) The only exception on the electronics rule would be a board game that has an electronic timer, an electronics play kit, or similar.

3. PLAY: On February 4, CRES will do the following: Allow students to spread their toys out around the room and just PLAY! If weather permits, classes will have an opportunity to go outdoors as well.

Let's spread the word about the benefits of play. If you are wondering why CRES has chosen to participate in this event we can simply tell you this, "...because kids have forgotten how to play!"

To learn more about this event go to http://globalschoolplayday.com/ and find out more about how important play is in your child’s life. CRES encourages you to make play an important in your child’s development. Creativity and creative play skills have far-reaching effects in the development of the mind and body.

Next Week

Monday- Day 4 Art

Tuesday- Day 1 Computer

Wednesday- Day 2 P.E.

Thursday- Day 3 Music

Friday- Day 4 Art, Favorite football shirt day

Reading- We are going to spend the next two weeks doing a unit on QAR (question answer relationship.)

Math- I am amazed at how fast this class learned to count money. We will continue working with money and problem solving.

Science- We will continue to learn about force and motion.

Writing- We are going to start a new unit and learn about opinion writing.

Word Word- Quiz Friday