Alberto A , Pablo B , Michele C , Elena P , Javier S


In this picture we can see a box of cereal.

We usually eat it with milk,colacao/nesquik,coffee...etc; for breakfast each morning. You can also eat them after dinner (before you go to bed )or like a snack with a yougurth, some fruit ...etc.

These cereals shaped pads , and they are made with fiber and filled with chocolate. His name is all-bran choco.



This includes: whole wheat (71%), chocolate (23%)(sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa, butter, emulsifier(soy lecthin),flavoring), sugar, cocoa poder, aroma, antioxidant, milk.


  • 100g:1671kj/397kcal | (portion) 45g:752kj/179kcal
  • Good things:

Cereals often do not contain a lot of fat and this contribute less unhealthy fats compared to the bakery and some crackers.

Also they contain fiber, which helps you to move your tummy.

  • Bad things:

In general, high sugar contents makes them not recommended. If cereals are hazelnut, sugar or honey, then the sugar and soars to 30-35g per 100g of product. The glycemicindex and glycemic load usually very high.Encouraging a Sharp rise in blood glucose, it´s sodium (salt) in excessive, it´s fiber content, usually poor.


We think the cereals are a good choice for breakfast, although still not clear which is the best for a balanced and healthy diet, and we would recommended it to others if they want to lead a healthy life.


In this picture we can see a bottle of ketchup.

We usually take it as a sauce, with/for the chips, the hamburguer...etc

We take/eat it a máximum of 2/3 times per week..

The ketckup is rich in carbohydrates of which sugar.


Tomatoes, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, spice extracts and aromatic herbs, spice.


  • Good things:

Ketchup contains no fat because it is not made from oil.

  • Bad things:

The ketchup is high in calories; and if you abuse it can become a problem. It is a drawback containing salt and sugar. People who have stomach problems are not advised to take ketchup.


If we take ketchup without carefull, it could become a problem, but if we take it with carefull, it could become part of a healthy diet .

Chips ahoy

In this photo se can see a box of cookies.

We usually eat it like a sanck, in picnics after having lunch, dinner, in the break...

The chips ahoy cookies are rich in carbohydrates.

They are small and they contain chocolate chips.


Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, raising agents, dextrosa, glucose-fluctose syrup, salt, wheypowder, emulsifiers, flavouring.


  • Good things:

They are low in salt. They are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, so they provides a lot of energy. Also they are easy to carry.

  • Bad things:
They contains a lot of fat and sugar


If you want to have a healthy diet it is a good choice to take it as an snack or for example before or after a match...

But you must take it with carefull.