of the Roman Empire!

Rome is in Trouble!!

The Roman Empire is ending as we know it! The empire that lasted more than 1200 years is finally crumbling. The multiple problems that Rome is occurring all contributed to the fall of it. One problem that Rome ran into was its size. Rome is large, too large. Way too large for the government to have control over securely. Different places are revolting and other empires being destroyed on the outskirts of Rome. To handle this, Rome divided itself into two empires governed by separate emperors. This didn't work very well for communication because to get a message from one capitol, byzantium, to the other, Rome, took around 3 weeks. It is hard to ask for things when travel takes so long and messaging is slow.

Another Problem Rome has which is leading to its ultimate demise was that people and men were done taking orders. Civil war broke out in Rome between different factions. The rich citizens have grown disinterested in helping Rome and the rest of society and only wanted more for themselves and their families. The population of Rome shrank. Trade decreased and all taxes and prices are increased. The poor are really overtaxed. The use of slaves put people out of jobs. Men in the army didn't want to server the army any longer. They got paid little if they got paid at all, they were away from their families for months at a time and away from their farms and dying crops during harvest.

Both of these problems, combined with many other problems all led to the fall and destruction of the greatest empire the world has ever known

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Ancient Rome at its height.

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Ancient Rome near its demise.