November & December Team Newsletter

Xtreme Bling Team

Welcome New Designer's

Cindy O'Neal

Amy Draeger

Melody Griffin

Jennifer Newton

Cheryl Hagene & Casey Giacomo

Carol Raynor

November Team Sales $19,556.90

Top Five Personal Sales

1. Samantha and Taylor $5238.55

2. Sarah Cook $3764.20

3. Tiffany Atkison $3417.80

4. Laura Broome $2110.30

5. Christella Hudson $1173.70


Samantha and Taylor ~ Senior Team Leader

Tiffany Atkison ~ Team Leader

As of December 30, Personal PV

Top Five Personal Sales

1. Sarah Cook $2074.90

2. Samantha and Taylor $1,723.80

3. Christella Hudson $1249.80

4. Melody Griffin $1046.05

5. Laura Broome $1013.40

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