verbal, situational, dramatic

verbal irony

In "The Interlopers" two men are stuck in the woods cursing each other with hatred, yet one offers the other a drink. You would never guess that a man would do something to help his enemy, its unexpected, its ironic.

situational irony

In "The Interlopers", a man goes out in search of a different man to trap him. When he finds the man he is looking for, he has no time before each of them are stuck under a tree. This is situational irony because the man goes to trap someone, but gets trapped himself.

dramatic irony

You and another man are expecting one of your crews to show up to rescue you any minute when the man sees "figures coming through the wood." His men must be on their way! Then you can tell the man is suspicious, you ask if they are his group and he says no. Then he tells you that wolves are running towards the spot were you are stuck ("The Interlopers). This plot twist is so unexpected. What makes this dramatic irony though is that readers know something a character does not.