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McAvinnue's Weekly Newsletter: Week Of October 12th

McAvinnue's Principal's Message

Hello McAvinnue Community!

We hope that everyone is enjoying this amazing long fall weekend! We are excited to launch into another exciting week at McAvinnue! This is a very important week for the Lowell Public School District and in-person learning at all of the schools. Due to the continued rise of COVID-19 throughout Lowell in all areas of the city, the Lowell Public School Disitrict will likely transition to full remote learning for all students on Monday, October 19th. The decision will occur on Wednesday, October 14th at the School Committee Meeting when the next COVID-19 data dashboard update is released. If the Lowell community is in the "red" range for the third straight week...which seems highly certain...McAvinnue will join all of the schools in the Lowell Public School District and transition to full remote learning for all students.

Please see the important message below from the Lowell Public School District regarding the increase of positive COVID-19 cases in Lowell and how this impacts in-person learning. Please reach out to Mr. Domina if you have any questions.

"Dear Lowell Public Schools Community,

On Wednesday, we shared with you the latest numbers from the state’s weekly COVID-19 dashboard report and how the number of COVID-19 cases here in Lowell continues to rise. According to this Wednesday’s update, Lowell’s average daily case rate per 100,000 residents is 16.3, up from 10.9 last week. This puts Lowell in the “red” or “high risk” category for the second consecutive week. Our “percent positivity rate” (the percentage of tests that are positive here in Lowell) also increased to 3.57%, up from 2.71% last week.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has advised school districts to continually review three consecutive weeks of data from the Commonwealth’s Weekly COVID-19 Public Health Report. On October 8, 2020, the Lowell Board of Health provided us guidance that “three weeks in the red is a considerable threshold to support remote learning.” Thus, we wanted to provide families with as much notice as possible that if Lowell is again coded “red” next week, the district will shift to a full remote learning model beginning at the start of school on Monday, October 19, 2020. We continue to study possible exceptions for smaller special programs and will communicate any potential exceptions next week after we review updated COVID-19 data.

Since the start of in-person learning, we have had only a few incidences of COVID-19 within our schools; however, this is a preventative health measure given the current levels of community spread of COVID-19 within Lowell. We appreciate the impact these difficult decisions have on students and families, so this letter is intended to provide as much notice as possible ahead of next week’s data release. At this point, there is only two weeks of data coding Lowell as “red", so in-person learning will continue next week as scheduled. We will reach out to you next Thursday morning with further information after we review the latest data provided by the Health Department and the Commonwealth’s Weekly COVID-19 Public Health Report.

Thank you for your continued partnership and flexibility as we work to keep our students, families, and staff safe during these difficult and uncertain times.


John J. Leahy - Mayor

Dr. Joel D. Boyd - Superintendent of Schools"

Click Here For Letter Translation In Multiple Languages

Spanish; Portuguese; Arabic; Khmer; Swahili; Lao; Vietnamese

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Columbus Day - Monday, October 12th

Due to the observance of Columbus Day, McAvinnue will be closed on Monday, October, 12th. We will open our doors for the week on Tuesday, October 13th at 9:10 AM for in-person learning and 9:30 AM for remote learning.

New Online Emergency Form

Due to a combination of in-person and remote learning occurring for this school year, we have created an online emergency form for you to complete below. Using the same form, we have provided information in both English and Spanish for your convenience.

You can complete this form or complete a paper copy that we have used in previous school years. This form will be sent home with those students that will be at McAvinnue for in-person learning. However, the paper copy of the emergency form can also be picked up at McAvinnue for those families who will be working remotely to start the school year.


If you could like a paper copy of the emergency form, please contact Ms. Nancy in the Main Office and she will set you up with what you need to complete.

Important Dates To Remember

Here are important to remember for the next few weeks:

  • Monday, October 12th: Columbus Day - No School
  • Wednesday, October 14th: Updated COVID-19 Lowell Dashboard Is Released (After 5:00 PM)
  • Friday, October 16th: Date in-person students will bring laptops and school supplies home at dismissal (If it is determined that all students transition to full remote learning)
  • Monday, October 19th: Date in-person students will return to remote learning if Lowell remains "Red" on the COVID Dashboard
  • October 19th - October 23rd: ELA iReady Diagnostic
  • October 26th - November 2nd: Math iReady Diagnostic
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iReady Diagnostic Assessment For Students

We use the iReady Diagnostic to help us determine each student's current level of readiness for upcoming curriculum in both ELA and Math. The assessment gives us valuable information about how we can best support each individual child by identifying their areas of strength and growth. Teachers use the data to determine instructional groupings, pacing of units, and skills to focus on with our kids. It is an important assessment that we will be giving on the following dates:

  • October 19th - October 23rd - ELA iReady Diagnostic Assessment
  • October 26th - November 2nd - Math iReady Diagnostic Assessment

Over the next few weeks, we will be including information about how you can help ensure that we get the information we need about your child to better target instruction to meet their individual needs. This week, please take 5 minutes to watch the video below as an introduction to the assessment and tips about how you can help.

iReady Introduction - English

Click Here For A General Introduction To iReady

iReady Introduction - Spanish

Click Here For A General Introduction To iReady - Spanish Version

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Lowell Public Schools Student Handbook

The Lowell Public Schools Student Handbook outlines the policies and procedures used to establish a safe learning environment for our kids. Please take a look at the information provided and reach out if you have any questions. If you would like a hard copy of the handbook, please let your child's teacher know and we will make sure to have one for you to pick-up at the school.

Lunch Menu: October 12th - 16th

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Remote Learning Daily Meal Service - UPDATED

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  • Students will receive two breakfasts and two lunches on Mondays and Wednesdays at these sites.
  • Students will also receive meals for the weekend days on Fridays at all of our meal sites.
  • All LPS students are eligible for meal service. All meals are free of cost. No student ID is required and students don’t have to be present to pick up a meal. A parent or neighbor can pick up the student’s meal.
  • Meals will be served outside in a grab and go format at the front or back of the school, depending on the location.
  • Please remember to wear a mask or face covering and follow social distancing protocols when visiting the meal sites.

Any updates to the remote learning meal service schedule will be posted here:

McAvinnue's Yoga Pose Of The Week

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We've Got Tech Support For You!

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Lowell Public School District Tech Support

The LPSD IT Team will have a "Technology Tent" set-up at the following locations during the times listed below this up and coming week:

  • Tuesday, October 13th from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at Lowell High School (50 Father Morissette Blvd. - Outside in front of the cafeteria)

  • Wednesday, October 14th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM at the Morey Elementary School (130 Pine St.)

  • Friday, October 16th from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the Robinson Middle School (110 June St.)

Please note that these locations will change weekly.

You can also contact the Help Desk at (978) 674-2024 for assistance.

Chromebook Audio Solutions

Our Grade 3 and 4 students have been experiencing some serious trouble with the audio on their new Chromebooks. As everyone is well aware, it has been very frustrating for our students and teachers who are trying to have classroom conversations that become impossible due to audio issues being experienced. Google has come up with two possible solutions. Please try both of them on your computer. The steps are outlined below and the video shows how to do it.

Solution #1:

  1. Click the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click the icon that looks like a gear to access the Settings menu.
  3. Click the button that says "About Chrome OS" in the bottom left
  4. Click the button that says "Check for Updates" and then click "Install"

Solution #2:

  1. Click the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click the arrow pointing to the right that is on the right hand side of the menu next to the speaker icon.
  3. Adjust the microphone volume so that it is at 50%.
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Chromebook Fix

McAvinnue's Virtual & In-Person Learning And Information Spot For Students

This link will take you to all of our learning information site for students. It is one place for you to easily be able to navigate to your child's virtual and in-person platform. You will be able to virtually met your child's teacher and access information to their in-person and virtual classrooms.

Want To Check It Out? Click The Button Below!

Health & Safety Guidelines

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Flu Vaccine Required For All Students In Massachusetts

The Lowell Health Department is requiring all children to be vaccinated against influenza by the end of the calendar year on 12/31/2020. Please not that students will not be permitted back on campus after the December vacation without the flu vaccine. This will be important not only for our in-person students but any student who is eligible to return for in-person learning at any time this school year.

Please see below for information about upcoming flu clinics for LCHC patients. As the information becomes available, we will share out as much information from local health providers to make things as easy as possible for you to get a flu vaccine this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Robin at McAvinnue.

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Family Information & Resources

ATTENTION: Holiday Assistance Provided Through The Salvation Army

Information can be found below by clicking the link. The document translation is provided in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. De La Luz at McAvinnue.
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Community Resources and Daycare Options for Families

You can click the link below to access a guide that includes resources ranging from food and utility assistance to support for parents and their children to resources about abuse. You can download and save the resource for future reference.

Here is a list of daycare options in Lowell:

  • Community Team Work (CTI) (978) 454-5100

    • Families who are already enrolled in a CTI program...

    • Families who are not enrolled in a CTI program

      • If you’ve filled out a CTI application in the past...

      • If you’ve never filled out a CTI application...

        • Fill out an application at 17 Kirk St., 126 Phoenix Ave

        • Or call the main CTI number (978) 454-5100 to request an email version of the application.

  • YWCA: (978) 454-5405 or (978) 458-9983; 41 Rock St in Lowell

    • The YWCA is offering full-day remote slots for families who are working with the Department of Children and Families (DCF)

    • Call your DCF worker and/or the YWCA to request a slot

  • YMCA: (978) 454-7825; 1 YMCA Dr in Lowell

    • Karen Espinola is the school-age director

      • Fill out a application online or at the YMCA to request a slot

    • Debbie Doben is the preschool director if your child is preschool age

  • Family Childcare: Call programs to see if they have openings near you

    • Bethel Family Childcare (978) 458-6577

    • Clarendon Family Childcare (978) 454-3026

    • Child Development and Learning (CDE) (978) 275-2843

    • ACRE Family Childcare (978) 937-5899

    • CTI: See above contact information

  • Girls Inc: (978) 458-6529, 220; Worthen St. in Lowell

    • Accept girls ages 5-14 years old

    • Accept Child Care Circuit vouchers, DCF vouchers, and private pay (income-based, sliding scale)

    • Call Pam Lerocque (Director of Finance & Administration) to check on openings

    • Girls Inc. has full and part-day options, but no transportation

  • Boys and GIrls Club: (978) 458-4526; 657 Middlesex St in Lowell

    • School-age openings for after-school only

    • Teens who are working with the Department of Children and Families can call BGC or DCF to see if they’re eligible

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