Hitler came into power in 1933, when he was appointed Chancellor of Germany. People became vulnerable from the bad economy making it easy for Hitler to take advantage by using public enlightment and propaganda to manipulating them into believe that the Jews were the ones to blame for everything that has gone wrong in Germany. In 1933, the Nazis began to boycott Jewish businesses and when that didn’t have much of an effect the Nazis began to burn Jewish shops and synagogues which is a known as Kristailhacht, which means “night of broken glass,” in 1939. Many race laws were passed to discriminate against the Jews, taking away their human rights such as the right to an education. In 1940, all German Jews were sent to Ghettos where they were to live but only for a short time and then they were sent to concentration camps. In the concentration camps the people were worked and starved to death by the Nazis. In 1941, they began to the use of Zyklon-B gas at Aushwitz as the final solution known as operation Reinhard. They would take as many Jews as they could and squeeze them into gas chambers telling them they were taking a shower only to put them to death. They did this so many times a day that every Jew that arrived would only be there for up to two hours. In 1945, liberation finally came freeing the Jews of this terrifying fate as many as 15,668 Jews were freed from Aushwitz during this time.

timeline of events

  • 1930 stock market crashed
  • 1933 Adolf Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany
  • 1933 Nazis boycott jewish shops
  • 1934 Hitler becane Fuhrer
  • 1935 Nuremberg race laws decreed
  • 1937 eternal Jews traveling exibition opens
  • 1938 Kristallnacht ( night of broken glass)
  • 1940 all German Jews were sent to Ghettos
  • 1941 the first test of Zyklon-B gas at Aushwits
  • 1945 liberation finally comes

largest genocide the world has ever seen

killing over 6 million people

the legacy that follows

The holocaust is a legacy that still is remembered to this day as an example of the affect a man with too much power can cause and the lives of all of those that were lost during this time will never be forgotten. I wanted to learn about this horrible atrocity that has taken place and try to understand why this was allowed to happen and how one man could gain the power to kill millions. I think that the past shapes the future and with the experience that we have faced it will help us increase in nationality with little to no discrimination.

books and movies based on this event


- "Nights" by Elie Weisel (survivor)

- "Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank (victim)

- "If I Shall Die Before I wake" by Han Nolan


- Schindler List (1993) by Steven Spielberg

- Holocaust (1978) by Marvin Chomsky

- The Boy in Stripped Pajamas (2008) BY Mark Herman