The Road Movement Project

Jayce Bradley

How has the characters changed from the beginning of the story to where he or she is now?

The characters began very relaxed and it seemed as though they were very aware of what was going on, and what they needed to do. But, now that the story is progressing, you can see that they are beginning to break. They are struggling to survive, they are breaking down mentally and they are reaching their breaking point.

How has the character(s) changed from the ordinary world to the special world?

They have adapted their lives to fit the special world. Before they had all the necessities and all of the royalties of life, but now they have to figure out how to live without all of these perks of life

Photos Of The Main Characters

How the Characters Are Changing.

What physical/geographical changes have occurred as a result of the cataclysmic event?

In the beginning of the book on page 5, they talk about going into the gas station to get supplies. McCarthy writes about how it is barren. There is little to no life or any supplies or necessities of life. Also, they explain how there is no shelter, many times they explain how the necessities of life are little to none.

What geographical movement have the characters undergone?

The characters go through many geographical movements. They are heading south to the shore. They go through bad and worse on their adventure to the shore. They get trapped in a house full of cannibals, they go into the mountains, and finally through many other places they do make it to the shore. So they encounter many geographical changes.

What structural changes have been made and what is the effect of such changes? (i.e. government, family, self, religion, etc.)

The characters begin to lose their "goodness". The father realizes its a cut-throat environment where it's survival of the fittest. There is no government, so it's basically a state of nature. Finally, they begin to realize that they are "carrying the fire".