The Hurried Child

Nick Reget


The hurried child is affected greatly from their parents and supervisors pressuring and hurrying them into a life that is filled with stress and unwanted goals without taking the time to actually think about what the child wants. People get too caught up in giving these kids opportunities without giving them a choice in what opportunities they want to pursue.

Preventative Measures

There are many psychologists who believe that there is a perfect way to prevent the children from becoming hurried or rushed into adulthood, but in the end, I believe it is up to the parent to asses their children's needs and coordinate their life accordingly specific to their child. Some people believe that the way to prevent their child from being hurried is to be more like a boss figure than a friend figure in the child's life. Others believe that their children should be set free and take care of their failures on themselves. Attached parenting, at least to me, sounds like something that will not benefit the child in the long run.

What I Think Will Help

I think that the way to make the child all that they can be without making them hurried is to have two different figures in the child's life. This works mostly with both parents present. One of the parents needs to act more like a friend and one of the parents needs to act more like a boss figure. The boss figure needs to be present to ensure that the child gets done what needs to be done and the friend figure needs to be present to be there emotionally for the child when they feel they are pressured too much. Communication between these two figures is essential to prevent one of them becoming too far on the friend-boss spectrum.