Science update!

Welcome back to term five!!

Welcome back...

...I hope you have had a lovely, restful break. We're officially on the home straight. Summer time guys - longer summer days, unnecessarily shirtless individuals with cans of beer, ice creams and the return of the BBQ!!

Soon we will see the lovely year elevens depart and as such there is a definite theme for this term! No matter the capacity you come into contact with the little cherubs, please talk to them about their PE and Science courses, how their revision is going and generally try and chivvy them along. I have a list of students that we need to 'convert / try our very best to convert' which I will attach to the email with this update. Any positive conversations would be beneficial and much like Tesco we're going with the idea that every little helps!!

As always, thanks for your awesome work!


PE moderation day - 19th April

Students from GCSE PE will be out all day on their official moderation.

Science team (geeky science folk)

Thursday, April 14th, 2-3pm


We will be going through;

  • Year eleven and coursework
  • Discussing the new literacy focused curriculum
  • Planning the production of schemes of learning over the summer term.
  • Marking and feedback - feedback from scrutinies.
  • Planning the year ten ISA coursework days.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.