Straight from Station

October 23, 2020

Station Adaptive Pause Schedule for Distance Learning

Station Families,

At the October 20th Board of Education meeting, Dr. Harris announced the district will do an adaptive pause of its Hybrid mode from Wednesday, October 28th until at least Monday, November 9th, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our community and the region. Below is the new Station adaptive pause bell schedule that will go into effect on Wednesday, October 28th. Advantages of this schedule include:

  • A consistent sequence of classes of a 1-8 period schedule for ease of transition.

  • 5 minutes between classes for students to take movement breaks and get away from their iPad.

  • Parents with multiple middle school students will have all classes at the same time instead of the staggered 4th, 5th and 6th periods.

  • A longer lunch break so families can prepare a meal, all eat lunch at same time, and have a break from zoom.

  • Colt Time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday can be used for Academic Support Services.

Big picture

A few notes about the schedule:

1. Students will join Zoom sessions each period with the following exceptions:

  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday students will have an optional Academic Support time in place of Colt Time. Students only need to report to this period if requested by a teacher or if the student desires additional support from their teacher.
  • On Wednesdays a minimum of 50% of the student’s day will be synchronous, while the other periods will be asynchronous unless the teacher has communicated otherwise . This will rotate based upon the calendar date. Even dates will result with even periods(2,4,6,8) being synchronous and odd dates will result with odd periods(1,3,5,7) being synchronous. For example, on October 28th periods 2,4,6,8 will be synchronous and on November 4th periods 2,4,6,8 will be synchronous.

2. Band/Orchestra/Chorus classes will take place during Academic Support/Colt Time.

Next Week is Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday, 10/26: Advisory Activity- Watch a Red Ribbon Week sponsored video. Wear red to kick off Red Ribbon week!
  • Tuesday, 10/27: Join the fight against drugs! Wear camouflage.
  • Wednesday, 10/28: Your future is bright if you choose to be drug, alcohol & vape free! Represent your bright future and wear tie dye or bright colors.
  • Thursday, 10/29: Follow your dreams. Promote your healthy choices by wearing your pajamas.
  • Friday, 10/30: Hats off to making healthy choices! Wear a hat today.

Mourning Middle School?

In the coming weeks, Barrington Youth and Family Services will be offering a social group opportunity to Station students who are having a challenging time dealing with the loss of their middle school experience. This group will take place, right here at Station Campus, one time per week, for about an hour. This will be after school, and transportation will be provided, if you need it. Students who may benefit are those who are seeking peer interaction, or just need support in navigating the changes that they are experiencing. This opportunity is provided at no cost to parents. If you are interested, please contact Chad May, Assistant Principal for Student Services, at