Using no technology.

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How long should kids use technology a day?

· Children under 2 should not have any screen time, but 2 hours at the most

· 3-4 year olds should have 3 hours of screen time

· 4 hours for 5-7 year olds

· 4.5 hours 8-11 year olds

· 6.5 hours for teenagers

Should we stay plugged in at school?

· Preparation for the real world. Most jobs have the use of phones

· Responsibility. Use for educational purposes and students could put phones on airplane mode to prevent cheating by not receiving texts.

· Avoid double standards. Why should teachers sometimes be able to have their phones and not have the same consequences as students?

· Emergencies. From having a parent bring in homework that you forgot to a big event so you can reassure worried parents

What are the problems of being too unplugged?

· Isolation. You have a lack of contact with people in the outside world.

· Lack of social skills. People don’t know how to talk face to face these days. We have the inability to read body language.

· Poor sleep habits. We tend to stay up late using technology.

· Iphone thumb. This is a type of RSI.

· Lack of social and sexual boundaries

· Constant distraction

Are there any benefits to being plugged in?

· You can access information any time.

· Encourages creativity. Just take a look at sites like “Pintrest” and “Etsy”

· Improved communication. You can talk to anyone, which means being more social and having more friends.