Mexican Immigrants to Minnesota.

By: Ashley Henrichsen

Push & Pull Factors

Many people from Mexico are coming to Minnesota for more educational opportunities, political and religious freedom, and search of jobs. Immigrants are traveling to Minnesota to get away from the poor living conditions and violence.

Ravenstein's law of migration.

Laws that do apply
  • Long distance travels.
  • Young adults 20-34
  • Move from rural to urban
  • Step by step migration
  • Young males and females

Laws that don't apply
  • Short distance travels
  • Counter flow migration

Location and Jobs

Most Latinos are divided between between Minneapolis, St. Paul, surrounding suburbs, and spread out of the Twin Cities. People work in Real Estate, technology, Law, architecture, and any jobs the can find. People who don't speak English tend to work in food companies, hotels, and hospital or janitor services.


1 in 3 Latinos are younger then 18, which means large school population and work force. Latino worked face low pay, threats, and are abused of their Human and Civil Rights while at work.

Migration Map