BC Learning Update

April 28, 2017

Vertical Teams to meet on 5/3/17

Thanks for your participation with learning walks this past month and being willing to share your classrooms with one another.

As we think about our profession and the respect we have of each others professional expertise, learning walks are just another way we can impact each other's classroom practices focusing on the student learning experience.

Our vertical team conversations are another way to learn from each others professional expertise. Our plan on May 3 is to finalize our priority standards across our district and converse with each other about those identified standards. We are using the same documentation process across our system PK-12 to help build consistency.

As we prepare for this day, please use the links provided in these documents (under item #3 on this plan) to make any changes to your identified priority standards before next Wednesday. We will then be able to update our district priority standards on our Benton website and then load these into PowerSchool Pro.

Our intent with loading these identified standards into Power School Power Teacher Pro is so staff will be able to attach identified priority standards to any student work entered into gradebooks next school year across our district.

We have been communicating with many of you about this process and also working hard to make sure on these documents (item #3) we have the actual priority standards you have identified and want posted on the web and linked into PowerSchool. The documents linked into these documents are our "official" identified priority standards.

If you have any questions before next week, please ask. Have a great weekend and thanks for all you do for each other!

Mt. Mercy information

Below is information Dawn Behan sent to me and I'm sharing with you:)

Mt. Mercy University wanted to pass on to BC Staff the Mt. Mercy administration's decision about a tuition discount for the cohort group from Benton Community School District. Regular tuition is $450 currently, and this will raise to $460 per credit hour in Fall 2017. Mt. Mercy University is willing to offer the following "scholarship" to our teachers if they apply by June 30, 2017:

  • 10 or more people from BC Schools Schools, 10% discount
  • 15 or more people from BC Schools Schools, 20% discount
  • 20 or more people from BC Schools Schools, 30% discount

Mt. Mercy University is encouraging the cohort to sign up for one of these two Master's programs at Mount Mercy University: Effective Teaching or Reading. The majority of BC teachers chose one of these two programs on the survey. Cedar Rapids Catholic Schools is a district that is also interested in those programs, so BC teachers would be joining teachers from that district in their classes. This is a great way to network with others who teach in similar positions in other districts as well as lower the tuition cost for both Cedar Rapids and Benton Community teachers/staff!

If you could kindly send this message out to your teachers/staff, I would really appreciate it. BC Staff should contact Dawn directly for more information (dbehan@mtmercy.edu). Dawn has reported, they just got an email yesterday from one of our teachers about applying to our program, so we are excited to start the application process with your teachers.

Dawn Behan, Ph.D.
Graduate Director of Education and Professor of Education | Graduate Center
Mount Mercy University | 1650 Matterhorn Dr. NE | Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
319-363-1323, ext. 1217 | Cell 319-440-0209 | dbehan@mtmercy.edu