By: Grace

Imagery: True Love!

Fettucini, fettucini,

So rich and very creamy,

Juicy chicken added on too,

With alfrado sause dripped on you,

Caesar saled to the right,

I willl eat you tonight,

You're dreamy,



The stars guide the moon,

And tells the moon what to do.

The moon listens with intrest,

And speaks with the sun.

The sun reminds the clouds,

The clouds rain, the rain dances,

And looks to the sea,

To a person, it's a beautiful sight.

Bad Burke ~ Alliteration

Bad Burke

bought a baseball bat

and broke his brother Bullet's bedroom.

He broke his baseball bat beating up Bailey.

He bought big brownies and baked them.

Bad Burke became Big Burke

Big Burke!


If a hug was a rain drop, I'd send you a shower.

If a kiss was a floor, I'd give you a tower.

If a smile was water, I'd give you an ocean.

If I were a box, you'd get me open.

If love was a puddle, I'd give you a sea.

If it's true love you want, I'd give you me!