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How to prepare for life for people at Webutuck HS.

Advice you would give someone beginning college and career process

I would tell my future self to take harder classes in high school to show that I can handle college work. I would also tell my self to learn how to write resumes and how to write college application essays. I would tell people who are going for an interview to review how to dress and act during a job interview.

Tips and Risks social media

Your social media can affect and help you it just depends what you do with it. If you apply to a college they will look at your social media to see what kind of person you are and what you do. If your social media is about parties then they may not want you because you don't focus on succeeding. If your social media is about social events, sports and clubs then they will consider taking you because they see that you care about things other than grades and they will see what kind of person you are.

Workplace Etiquette

Be on time to work and work as hard as you can so you coworkers will be happy with you. Arrive to work on time so your coworkers will know that you care about your work and care about your coworkers.

Workplace dress code

Dress up for your interviews and your job depending on the type of job it is. For the job interview dress up in a suit and tie and for women dress up in a dress or skirt. Dress up like a professional for the job and job interview

College Process

Apply for the FAFSA

Write a college essay to show more about yourself

Apply to college

Take harder classes or AP classes

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