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2560 Rain Dance Drive, Little Elm, TX, United States

  • Within 24 hours of listing this property there was an offer.
  • Multiple offers on this property.
  • Went under contract the weekend of the Open House.

We have disappointed buyers that love this area. Who do you know in your neighborhood that has talked about moving? Have you considered selling?

Ask us how we can do this for you!

Gwen Poole, Realtor

Listing Specialist with Van Poole Properties Team of Realtors

A Keller Williams Group servicing Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin

Home Selling with Van Poole Properties

Home Selling with Van Poole Properties

The Van Poole Properties Team of Realtors

The modern Realtor understands the importance of working with a team and not trying to wear all the hats at the same time. Over the past decade and a half, VPP has skillfully assembled a team of expert Realtors. As a result of delegating responsibilities to agents who specialize in specific areas of real estate, the VPP Team has consistently out performed the industry standard in the DFW and Austin area.

Clients get a streamlined process, take advantage of cumulative knowledge, and never see the plethora of activities the team handles for them behind the scenes. Each agent strategically plays their part for world class service. The difference in getting a team of agents for the price of one is substantiated by the experience.

Find out what people are saying about the team on our testimonial page link below.

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