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Fast Facts

Continent: South America

Capital: Brasilia

Population: 204,259,812 (rank=5)

Area: 3,287611(rank=5)

Main Languages: Portuguese

Main Religions: Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington DC: 4187.17 miles

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In Brazil they eat 3 meals a day

Breakfast - 6-8 am

Lunch- noon-2pm

Dinner- 6-8pm

Brazilians eat alot of rice, beans and fruits


Brazilian families are tightly knit. A lot of them live with extended families. A extended family may include grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They are affectionate people, men shake hands and women kiss each other on the cheek when they greet each other.


Roman catholic is the main religion. 95% of the population claim membership in the Catholic Church.


April 21st - Festival of Tiradentes- a national holiday that celebrates the life of Joaguin Jose de Silva.

September 7th - Independence Day- This is when Brazilians celebrate the countries separation from Portugal.

On Easter Sunday - Brazilians only eat fish.

October 12th - Dia de Criancas (Children's Day)

December 25th -Natal (Christmas Day) celebrates the birth of Christ.


Brazil has a Equatorial climate, which is tropical. The weather is humid year-round. There is not cold or winter weather. They do have heavy rainfall that help with the vegetation and animals.

Things I would like to see and do in this country

I would like to know about the popular sports that children play. I love to shop for clothes so I would like to know more about how the Brazilians dress. I would like to visit a rainforest and enjoy the beaches .