Labeling of GMFs

Should a label on GMFs be required or not?

What is a Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically Modified Foods are crop plants that were made for the usage of humans and animals that use molecular biology techniques.

What are the benefits of GMFs?

-Can survive drought, disease, and insect infestations.

-Results in better tasting fruits and vegetables that stay fresh for longer.

-An antifreeze gene is used which makes crops tolerant to the cold.

-More food can be grown in more places using less chemicals and natural resources.

-This increased availability of crops can result in economic gains to farmers in developing countries.

What are the risks of GMFs?

-Can harm other organisms.

-There are economic concerns present with GMFs. Bringing GMFs to market is a costly process.

-Allergenicity: introducing a gene into a plant can cause a new allergen or an allergic reaction.

-Studies have shown that GMFs have been involved in health problems like faster aging, immune dysfunction, insulin disorders, damage to the organs, and reproductive disruption.

Should GMFs be labeled or not?

-I think that GMFs should be labeled because of the risks that they come along with. Genetically Modified Foods can cause health problems to humans, can cause harm to other organisms, and can hurt the economy. Although there are some advantages to GMFs they should still be labeled because of the harm that they can cause.
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