ICT Bulletin #1

Monday 2nd September 2013

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a great holiday and I look forward to catching up with you all! I guess it's back to reality...

I thought the ICT Bulletin worked well last year so I've decided to carry on with the weekly tradition of news, important updates and recommendations. For new staff, the ICT Bulletin was introduced last year. I wanted something to replace the countless emails that were invading your inbox, mainly from myself!

Please take a moment to read it as it does, occasionally, include something worth reading! The bulletin will be my main source of communication but other important updates will be issued in the Monday and Thursday briefings.

Last year our students produced some amazing work in ICT and cross-curricular activities. I really am excited about what will be created this year.



Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Tuesday's Development Time

I will be running a short session on Tuesday morning. It will focus on some of the short to long term plans for ICT at JSD and I will also discuss some general ICT housekeeping points. There will also be some reminders on e-Safety and digital citizenship.


I would like to meet up with all Year 1 to 6 class teachers at some point this week to discuss mid-term plans. During Tuesday's session I will go into more detail regarding the planning so please hold your queries until then.

ICT first week

The LTM time on the specialist timetable will start from Thursday. All lessons will focus on a classroom agreement for the ICT HUB/use of resources as well as target setting. This will be led by myself with teacher support.

Just for fun...

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