AHS Volleyball News

The Games Will Go On

Long time no talk! I have been on the phone more this season than any before in the past for various reasons. Recently I have made many new friends in 3 different states, all related to volleyball reffing. These people were pretty nice, some were even funny, and though we had many, many conversations, and email exchanges at all odd hours of the night, I'm glad I don't have to make those phone calls again. The reffing situation has been solved for this season and according to the most recent emails I've received, we have nothing to worry about concerning securing refs for our future games. Whew!

Schedule Changes

Please check the jaguars-sports website. All of the home games have had their JV and Varsity game start times moved to 4:30p and 5:45p respectively. This is different than what it used to say over the summer. The times from the summer were much earlier than we were used to doing. Some other changes are on the horizon, we're just waiting to hear back from some schools.

One game that definitely has to change is the Caravel game. This occurs on a Jewish holiday. I have asked to have that game moved to the previous Saturday or the Saturday following. Mr. Legath has also been notified about the date for NHS inductions and also the conflict with our homecoming game.

Speaking of Saturday games....

This year especially, we may have more of them simply due to the fact that games have to be rescheduled and that may be one of the few days both schools have open....so we'll see. I don't have any information on when our A.I. game will be rescheduled, but it definitely will not be tomorrow.

Second Clothing Order

There's been a few requests for another clothing order. Fine. No problem. I'll talk to the people tomorrow. Tell your friends in case they want to buy stuff too. The links and codes will be different but the clothing will be the same, unless you want something different. I'll get more information to you after I receive it. Glad you guys liked the stuff.

Contact Me

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