Battle of Trenton

December 25, 1776

Location and Date

On December 25, 1776; the battle of Trenton happened at Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River.

Leaders and Number of Casualties

The leader of the American army was lead by George Washington. The Hessians and British troops were lead by colonel Rahl. The number of casualties on the American army was 4 wounded and 2 froze to death. The number of casulties on the Hessian and British was 20 killed, 100 wounded, and 1,000 captured.


The battle of Trenton was on December 25, 1776 at Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River. The leaders general George Washington against colonel Rahl. The British surrendered so that gave the victory to the Americans.

Why this important to history.

The reason why the battle of Trenton is important it gave Washington his first victory for the colonies, it sharply increased the victory, and it solified Washington's command.