Simon Birch

By : Jake Parent

The theme of Simon Birch is god has a plan for everyone.

Simon states "Did you see the way those children listened to me because of the way I looked?"

The little kids listen to Simon because of how he looks, and because they listen to him he was able to save all the children on the bus towards the movie ending. God made Simon that way so he could save the kids on the bus. If he looked normal like Joe, they would ignore him.

Character Analysis : Simon Birch

He was born with a birth defect. He has a small heart, so he didn't grow very tall. He wasn't supposed to live very long, so he was like a living miracle. Simon was an emotional character, he is always looking out for other people, and is always in a good mood. He was really good friends with Joe. Those two would hangout a lot, and Joe helped Simon through hard times when he hit Joe's mom in the head with a baseball and it killed her.

Simon states "I'm gods instrument". This means that he thinks god is using him. God made him the one to kill Joe's mom, and the one to save the children from the bus. Being god's instrument wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but Simon was annoyed. Simon knows god put him on the earth for a reason.

3 big events (Simon's POV)

Joe's Mom Dies

I will never forget the day I killed my best friends mom. It was at my baseball game, and I was up to bat. The first couple pitches I didn't swing. Coach told me to swing the bat, and I did. I hit the ball so hard and far, but it was a foul ball of course. Joe's mom wasn't paying attention and was walking towards the field. Then the ball hit her in the face and ended up killing her.

The Play

I was starring the baby Jesus in a play. The angel of the play was lowered over me, and the girl playing Mary was leaning over me. I grabbed Mary and pulled her on to me. Then the play went crazy. The Angel started swinging because his rope broke, The parents were screaming, and everything was bad. Miss Leavy was really mad and was shouting. I had to meet with Father Russell after.

Bus Crash

We were on a bus on our way back from an outing. Our bus just missed a deer and the bus goes off the road, through the woods, and in to a frozen river. It filled up with water, the priest got knocked out, and the driver left us all in the bus. I took control and got everyone out, but then I realized one is missing. I was under the water and let the kid stand on my back and climb out the window. Joe saved me, but then I died in the hospital.

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Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)